My Life: An Author’s Journey

Throughout my life I have known four true passions: golf, Emergency Medical Services, my kids, and writing. These passions have guided me and given my life meaning. Not that there hasn’t been times where my passion has abandoned me, it has. Without passion to drive you life becomes gray and dull.

  1. During high school I discovered golf and fell in love in an instant. I showed a natural talent to hit my ball in the wrong places. If you don’t care for the taste of humble pie, then don’t play golf. I could hit golf balls for hours or play multiple rounds in a day. Time with friends playing a game I love always rated high on my priority list. Now if only passion and talent were better matched I could strive to be the worst player on the LPGA.
  2. Not long after I started golfing came the discovery of the next passion. Through a first aid and CPR course, taught by the local paramedics, I learned I have a knack for helping people in a crisis. After completing my training I enjoyed a 12 year career as a paramedic. I worked in dispatch as well as ground and air ambulance, both fixed and rotary wing. This choice of career fulfilled me in ways I never dreamed but etched permanent memories in my mind, too. My goal was to treat patients until my knees or back gave out but another passion changed this thinking.
  3. My husband, who is also a paramedic, and I started a family and ended up with two great boys. The crazy lifestyle of 2 people in EMS did not mix well with family life. These two boys changed my life and in an instant other parts of my life became irrelevant and unimportant. It fulfilled me in a different way but this too would change.
  4. As life progressed, those cute cuddle monsters did something I forbid them to do. Those boys grew up to take care of their own needs. They went to school during the day and at home they learned to cook, clean, and do their own laundry. Their mom wasn’t needed any more, at least not to the same degree. With new freedom my thoughts drifted to writing a book, and a hobby looked more like a career. This new passion leads us to today.

So along this trail of passions I collect colors that add interest to my rainbow. I love a great storyteller and I hope I can be one of them with practice. But I can’t do this alone. Every writer lives and dies on feedback whether it’s constructive criticism or reviews. I’ll be gathering a team of trusted advisers who will get special access and my current work in progress for free. So do you want to join me in this venture, either as a reader or trusted advisor? Contact me on my website and let me know how we can work together.


Blog Beginnings

I’ve decided to venture into the wild world of blogging and anyone who knows me well knows how much of an adventure that will be.  This journey to become an author requires me to be both media savvy as well as social, neither of which are strong points of mine – yet.  So I figured why not log my experience for anyone who wants to follow along.  It should be good for some laughs.  Not that I’ll be laughing, though, I’ll be crying into my glass of red wine.  So buckle up, we’re going on a ride.  A long bumpy ride.

Most of my posts will be about my author experience or my life in general but spontaneity could lead us down any rabbit hole.  Just like my real life stories, I reserve the right to head off in any direction that feels right at the time.  The most logical place to start all of this would be at the beginning so that is what it will be.  My next post will be how we got from there(the beginning) to here(now).