Blog Beginnings

I’ve decided to venture into the wild world of blogging and anyone who knows me well knows how much of an adventure that will be.  This journey to become an author requires me to be both media savvy as well as social, neither of which are strong points of mine – yet.  So I figured why not log my experience for anyone who wants to follow along.  It should be good for some laughs.  Not that I’ll be laughing, though, I’ll be crying into my glass of red wine.  So buckle up, we’re going on a ride.  A long bumpy ride.

Most of my posts will be about my author experience or my life in general but spontaneity could lead us down any rabbit hole.  Just like my real life stories, I reserve the right to head off in any direction that feels right at the time.  The most logical place to start all of this would be at the beginning so that is what it will be.  My next post will be how we got from there(the beginning) to here(now).




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