My Book Progress and Writing

Book and Writing Update

I figured I would take time and do an update on the book and my writing. What a crazy ride this journey has been. Up to now it has been about a year of serious writing, re-writing, editing, re-writing, and yet more writing. You would think I would have 5 books by now, jeesh. To say this process has taken longer than expected would be a gross understatement. I have learned so much but this new knowledge only displays how much is left.

When I made the mental switch from dream to a possible career, I was resistant to many of the things I would be required to do. The modern author needs to wear many hats and wear them well. I looked at my dusty, worn out baseball cap and realized that hat won’t do anymore. It was time to re-invent myself and love a new hat. But my new hat smells funny, and itches, and makes me feel like a fool… or is it only a new hat.

The first step out of a cozy comfort zone is a hard one to take but if you don’t, you’ll get nowhere. So here’s me stepping out of my comfort zone and tripping over every lesson I need to learn. I’ve never had a problem embracing failures as a part of the learning process so that hasn’t been too hard. The hard part now is all of your mistakes and failures are a public affair. Please accept my apologies for dragging you throughout my learning process.

The reward is the overall book progress. Depending on the day you catch me it could come along well or could be the worst bit of writing anyone has ever seen. Sometimes this happens within a single day, too. This process will mess with your mind. After making so many changes, there’s times where I’m not even sure what I’ve written anymore. Sigh! But I’ve continued on to keep writing the story hoping it will be worthy of a reader’s attention one day.

At present I’m still writing the second draft. I took a small diversion to edit the first chapter to a basic level so I can put it out. It needs to be proofread before posting but it should be soon. I didn’t realize the second draft would be soooooo labor intensive and I can’t say I’m enjoying the second draft as much as the first. The first draft was like playtime and the second draft is much more like a 30 page essay on how modern plumbing has changed the world. Fun times.

The closer I get to putting something out there, the more anxiety builds. It’s a very vulnerable place to pour your heart and soul into a project then expose yourself to criticism. This darn editing seems to drag on and on the closer I get to hitting the publish button. It will happen soon so please keep an eye out and let me know what you think.


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