Not All Heroes Wear Capes

As a mother of two boys, I tend to watch a lot of superhero movies.  Who doesn’t love the hero swooping in to save the day/planet/universe.  Most girls would be more inclined to think of the knight in shining armour come to save them from the dragon and ride off into the sunset.  In either scenario someone enters the scene to save the day in their fantasy world.  But this post today isn’t about fantasy, it’s reality, and in our world heroes don’t wear capes or armour.

Recently, I have had two different friends that have had to assume care of another family member’s child/children and I know of two other families that have done the same.  They have taken responsibility for kids that they didn’t plan for, didn’t conceive, and didn’t intend to raise.  In both situations the kids have either literally or figuratively been abandoned by their parents to fend for themselves.  As a mother, I cannot imagine a situation where I could or would abandoned my children and I’m trying not to judge but I’m finding this one hard.

If not for the selfless act of these families these children would be left to slip through the cracks and who knows what would have happened to them.  I shudder to think.  But it makes me sad to think about the cost to these families to take on such a burden.  Such a decision is life altering, financially taxing, emotionally challenging, and relationship testing.    To go from childless to instant family or to go from an existing family to a larger family over night would be quite an adjustment.

Please don’t get me wrong in thinking that the kids themselves would be labeled a burden as they are the most important victims in this drama.   It is the situation that is the burden.  These innocent little people have been dealt some bad cards in life and so this is the hand they must play.  What kind of damage does something like this do to a child?  How many problems in the future will stem from the issues created by their irresponsible parents?  The one good thing all these kids have going for them is they all have an ace in the hole.

Ace in the hole, knight in shining armour, or hero.  Like my fiction stories, these heroes have swooped in at a time of need to help someone in distress.  Despite their own peril or hardships they have stepped up to make sure these kids don’t fall through the cracks.  They have the courage to take the situation on.  They have the drive and determination to see these kids through.  And they will make sacrifices to accomplish their goals.  Sounds pretty heroic to me.

In the end there won’t be a medal or an award for these heroes.  One day the kids will realize what was done to help them and they will be thankful.  But the people who should say thank you likely never will.  So let me say thank you to all those decent people who won’t stand by while children are at risk.  I thank you, the children will thank you, and society thanks you.  You may not wear a cape or armour but hold your head high because you are a hero!

Heroes come in many forms.  Do you have any heroes in your life?

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