The Little Things

I love to appreciate the little things in life.  It’s these moments in life that add meaning and allow us to pause from the busy life many of us live.  So instead of finishing my second draft, I enjoyed the welcome distraction of our local deer.  These here are city deer.  They’ve learned to eat out of the bird feeders and that it’s safer to deliver their babies in fenced backyards away from the coyotes.  They wander around the city, quite comfortable with the citizens and their pets.  It is not uncommon to see a small heard of them walking along the paths or sidewalks; so much easier than walking through the snow.  But the most curious trait I’ve noticed about these city deer is they have learned to look before crossing the street and each generation teaches the next.  They have even learned the safest place to walk on the road is right down the centre painted line.  No kidding, we watched 11 deer walk single file down the centre line with traffic driving along both sides.  So while I didn’t write as much as intended I did enjoy the visit from these beautiful animals.  Hope you enjoy my little distraction and don’t forget to pay attention to the little things in life.  Oh, and on a side note,  I wish I could have managed a picture of the big buck who was more elusive but oh so impressive.

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