Thank You Authors

We all have our favourite authors.  Those stories they wrote opened our eyes to a new way of seeing the world.  We became different people after wading through the words they arranged on the pages.  Since I have started writing a book, I realized just how special this group of people really are and I wanted to say thank you for all you do.  Not just as a reader but as a fellow writer trying to learn the craft.  So here’s my thank you list:

Thank you for your imagination

Without your gift of imagination there would be no stories to be told.  There would be no dragons or magic or time travel.  How would we travel through time and space from the comfort of our bedroom otherwise?  How would we escape reality?

Thank you for your perseverance

The task of writing a book is a long and arduous one.  Many of the stages are hard and dreary exercises.  Without your perseverance through these difficult tasks we wouldn’t get to enjoy the journey your book will take us on.  We wouldn’t get to fall in love with your characters and be crushed by their deaths.  We would never see the world as they do.

Thank you for your attention to detail

You set the mood, the tone, and the setting.  By sprinkling descriptive detail throughout your prose you transport us to a place we can touch, smell, taste, hear, and feel.  When done correctly you don’t just read about the cold draft, you feel it on your skin.

Thank you for putting your heart and soul out there

Anyone who produces art, in whatever form that is, pours their heart and soul into the work.  Alan Rickman told a reporter once that if anyone wanted to know him better all they had to do was look at his work.  He was in his work.  Authors are no different.  The stories are not an exact representation of yourself as a person but look closely and you’ll really see the author.

Thank you for dealing with rejection and still publishing

We’ve all heard the Chinese/Japanese proverb “Fall down 7 times, get up 8”.  If this doesn’t sum up an author’s life I don’t know what does.  Every author deals with rejection but, lucky for us, they keep going.  The thought occurred to me that if some of my favourite authors had given up, my favourite stories would never have been published and they would be hidden from the world.

Thank you for being such a supportive community

Not only have my favourite authors helped me through some tough times in life, I have found the whole community of writers to be quite supportive of each other.  No one understands the struggles of being a writer as well as another writer.  They pick each other up when they’re down, they give their opinions with honesty, and they help each other to achieve success.  Even in a highly competitive market, they still help each other.  What a special bunch.

So if I could hug you all I would because you make the world a better place one word at a time.  Please don’t ever stop sharing your gift with the world or someone else will never get their favourite story written by their favourite author.

Thank you!

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