Possible Book Trailer Music

The other day my oldest son brought my husband and I a YouTube video of a song he liked.  The song had obviously caught his attention and from the first notes it caught ours, too.  This particular song has been around for decades and has always struck a chord with me but this time it struck a nerve.  The reason being was that as I listened to this song I saw a book trailer for my current WIP in my mind.  Here I was listening to a song that captured the mood, tone, and themes in my book.


Hello darkness my old friend… The Sound Of Silence.

Sound Of Silence

So, as you can see above, the song turned out to be the Sound Of Silence originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel.  A 21-year-old Paul Simon wrote the song for release in 1964 but the lyrics are just as relevant today, if not more relevant.  To this day the issue of what the lyrics mean or if they mean anything is still hotly debated in certain circles.  Whatever Simon intended for the song I’m sure even he would be surprised by just how prophetic the lyrics really are.  The song released without success initially and resulted in the breakup of Simon and Garfunkel.  As time went on the world awakened to the brilliance of both the lyrics and the simple harmony.  These days, you would be hard pressed to find a person who did not know this song intimately.

Recent Covers

The Sound Of Silence has been covered more times than I am willing to list.  Not long ago our family watched the Trolls movie and enjoyed their rendition of the song.  But the particular version that took my whole family by storm was the one performed by Distrurbed.  How does an American heavy metal band end up recording a 60’s folk rock song?  Good question.  They were open-minded enough to consider the idea even though it was a huge departure for them.  A spark grew into an idea, an idea grew into a plan, and a plan grew into a haunting and beautiful song.

Some Were Disturbed With Disturbed

Speaking of open-minded people, we all know that some are not so open minded.  The fact that this heavy metal band covered a folk song did not go over well with some of their fans but did garner some respect from new ones.  Some would judge the band by how they look and not even give this song a chance.  I’ve enjoyed their music for a while now and I like both the screaming metal (Oh-wa-a-a-a) as well as the haunting vocals.  On the flip side the metal fans considered the band a sell-out for recording this song.  Ether way of thinking is a bit sad.  I think this song sung by this band breaks down barriers.  It offers a chance for everyone, young and old, to relate to, and enjoy a special song.

Book Trailer Music

So as I said earlier, while enjoying this song, all I could see in my mind was my storyline in pictures.  This song formed a book trailer in my head on its own.  It connects with events and themes in my book and carries the overall feel of my story.  My main character, Jake, has to deal with ever-increasing isolation in a world that has forgotten how to communicate with each other.  “People hearing without listening.”  People who speak to each other every day without saying anything of meaning.  “People talking without speaking.”  He is trying to accomplish a goal while the adults in the story don’t understand the importance of what he is doing and are, therefore, of no help to him.  His pleas fall on deaf ears causing him to take drastic action.  And “Silence like a cancer grows”  leads to disaster.  The townspeople’s ignorance to recognize when a change is needed or their apathy to make the changes happen when their mob mentality leads to the brink of destruction.   My whole story revolves around people who either won’t think for themselves or only think of themselves.  Jake is alone even when surrounded by dozens of people.  Isolation and hopelessness lead him down a lonely, dark path where he must rely on himself to achieve his goals.  But not all hope is lost as he learns that he has friends to help him along the way.  To find out how they make out, you’ll have to read the story Rock And A  Hard Place when it comes out.  If after reading my story you don’t feel what this song evokes, then I haven’t done my job so I better get back to work and find the feels.

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