Which way do you go when the path isn't clear?

R.E.S. Chronicles 

The R.E.S. Chronicles are action-packed adventure stories and have elements of both science fiction and fantasy but at its core is a superhero story. It’s a series that has all the best parts of a series without having to commit to a whole series. What does that mean exactly? Well, what that means is, I write these books with both boys, girls, and the reluctant reader in mind. The first two books are stand alone books but the storyline is linked with a small cliffhanger between the two. The rest of the series will be completely stand alone books chronicling Jake’s journey with the R.E.S. to help people around the universe. So if you love a series, then you’re in luck but if you don’t want to commit to a multi book series, then you’re also in luck because you can stop reading whenever you want.

Book one and two are equal parts of Jake’s superhero origin story. The first book is a quick, easy read to engage young readers. It is left on a small cliffhanger and is intentionally left on the ambiguous side near the end. As book two starts we find Jake having to make some life altering decisions with not much information to go on. In essence we know what he knows, which is not enough to make the decisions he has to make. In fact we don’t even get to learn what the heck the R.E.S. is until the end of book one and even that is just a taste.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The chronicles are about a secret society of beings that are tasked with protecting the universe. The R.E.S. stands for the Regulatus Exemplar Society. You can think  of them a bit like space knights in a way. As cool as knights are, these knights are way cooler, or perhaps hotter as they can control energy… thus Regulatus. They stand for everything that is good and just in our universe and thus comes… Exemplar.

Rock And A Hard Place

R.E.S. Book 1

This is the first book in the series that will take our main character, 13 year old Jake Morris, from the Earth to the moon. His life begins to change when he finds a meteorite with peculiar power in a farmers field. It doesn’t take Jake long to figure out that this rock has good and bad attributes and is more than a little scary. He must protect his new find from those who would destroy the rock or take it for their own unsavoury purposes. Jake knows that this meteorite is special but he has no idea how special it really is and he is oblivious to the fact that the fate of the world hangs on his choices. This book is also where Jake first hears about the R.E.S. order.

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R.E.S. Book 2 –  unnamed work in progress

in outlining stage

Book 2 will see Jake’s new friends return to the Earth with an offer too good for Jake to refuse. Except he does refuse because he has poor self esteem and a reluctance to stand up for himself. He feels like his spirit animal is a turtle so when the R.E.S. extend an offer for him to leave Earth to train with them, Jake crumples under the pressure of self doubt. How could he possibly be able to stand up to the bullies of the universe when he couldn’t even stand up to the bully at school? Besides Earth is safe and warm and has grass. Will he find the inner strength to reach out and seize the opportunity he has before him? Will he become the superhero he was meant to be? He better or this will be an awfully short series!